All As One


A holy war with a bloodstained hand
F14’s in the promised land
they try to explain on the cable news
the more they say the more they confuse

== chorus ==

So I/we/they teach the children
I/we/they love my/our/their wife
I/We/They work my/our/their job
to create a life
defend my/our/their country
behold my/our/their god

the hope for tomorrow
for the daughters and sons
our blood, our brothers, all as one

== verse 2 ==

where are we heading – can anyone tell
I see death and destruction – a living hell
Children wonder, they’re no fools
whatever happened to the golden rule

== verse 3 ==

the cars we’re driving made to consume
the houses we live in – so many rooms
and the stores with their shelves piled so high
so many people ready to fight

== verse 4 ==

Towers to dust, tragedy’s dream
the rockets red glare, in nightvision green
medals of honor – memories of war
but do they know what they’re dying for

Copyright 2015, Frank Imburgio