Say Goodbye


Oooh you, you know someday
You love will leave you for acting this way
Face of granite while your soul’s on fire
Won’t you stop a minute on your way to a higher destiny
But this was more than just a rest for me…

Lovin you’s like squeezing blood from a stone
So I will leave you alone
Someone’s come along and stripped you right to the bone
Theres nothing left to you
So what else can I do
But say goodbye..

And oh yes, I think I’d say
that you could never love me anyway
Cause it came too easy and it came too quick
and to a girl like you, that’d never stick.
You’ve got to bleed for it.
You have a need for it.

Love is free, all that hip shit rot.
Hey, love aint free, you pay everything you got
But love is always changing, it’s alive
And it changes you too, you’ll never survive
unless you cope with it
You’ll go broke from it.


Copyright 2015, Frank Imburgio