The evening time leaves her alone again
Its a lonely time, she’s missing her home again
Cant you see that she’s a loner now, without anybody to live for.

— chorus —

Kristina – You know you’ll learn to live without them
Before you know it, you’ll learn to live for yourself
Yes Kristina, you’ll drag yourself through the lonely times
Cause poor Kristina has so much love to give

She walks alone, all the men don’t see her
She’s one in the world, all her dresses don’t fit her
The face she sees in the mirror is not the one she knew as a girl
And in her mind it gets clearer and clearer
that she can never go back home at all

— chorus —

So she’ll cry at night with her face to the wall
She’ll try and fight that useless feeling inside her
She’ll remember how it used to be
She was a pillar of strength to us all,
back when she meant so much to us all

Took care of mother’s needs, her brother’s needs,
and by some means, her lover’s needs…

— chorus —

Copyright 2015 Frank Imburgio