Coward’s Way To Live – 1982


=== verse 1 ====
You always said that
such a happy love could never die
When will you get it through your head
you’ll never make it in this world if you dont try
What gave you the right
That’s too simple
Its a coward’s way to live

=== verse 2 ====
You always knew that
you got looks and you got brains and you got style
So what you think you need
I don’t know but I’m dying to find out why
Wont you step outside yourself
Stop thinking bout it you can learn
what your emotions have to give give give

=== verse 3/outro ====
I wish I could move you
hold you in my arms and let you cry
Nothing to confuse you
forget about your fears and let *them* die
Won’t you give it a try she said
Hey I’d love to baby, but it seems how lately
I’ve got nothing left to give

Recorded in blizzard, in Ithaca NY – 1982.

Warren Beckman – Synth
Marty Ashby – Bass
Frank Imburgio – Vocals, Drums, Guitars

Copyright 2015 Frank Imburgio